Xenotransplantation essay

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Xenotransplantation essay

For and Against by Ololade Olakanmi and Laura Purdy Organ transplantation saves thousands of lives every year, and is arguably one of the most significant medical innovations of the past century.

At present however, the worldwide demand for organs far outstrips supply. For instance, inthe United Network for Organ Sharing United States found that overpatients could have benefited from an organ transplant, whereas only 29, were available.

In the US, 17 patients die each day while on the organ donor waiting list — a dismal statistic which, unfortunately reflects a global trend. In an effort to satisfy the growing demand for organs, the scientific community is once again turning to xenotransplantation, a cutting-edge medical technique that involves the transplantation of biological material from nonhuman Xenotransplantation essay primarily pigs to humans.

In JanuaryU. If this result can be replicated, clinical trials of xenotransplantation could take place in as little as three years, according to Dr David Cooper, professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. Long, healthy life is both valued and valuable. So a new technology that promises longer, healthier life is, other things being equal, a good thing.

This article will focus on organs, although the use of animal tissue raises many of the same questions. Once xenotransplantation is well-established, organs could be provided as soon as a surgeon could operate.

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The ready availability of organs could also reduce morally worrisome practices now on the rise, such as buying kidneys, lungs, or chunks of liver from healthy donors. So, with all this good news, why not go full steam ahead with xeno research? Alas, free lunches are in short supply, and xeno is no exception.

Several major moral issues need to be resolved before proceeding. What about animal rights and animal welfare? Would people accept animal organs? Could standards of informed consent be maintained? Last, does the use of animal organs pose unreasonable threats to third parties?

If so, are there good grounds for them us to accept such risks? Animal Issues Xeno would be impossible without using animal materials, by definition. Do we have a right to use them? Xeno research may be more problematic than any subsequent use of animals for organs.

In current research, animals are both donors and recipients. Donor issues are similar to those that would arise once xeno is well established.Essay on Xenotransplantation Words | 9 Pages Xenotransplantation Introduction According to Webster's Dictionary, a doctor is one skilled or specializing in healing arts.

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Xenotransplantation essay

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The Ethics of Xenotransplantation 1. Introduction to Xenotransplantation Xenotransplantation is the process of taking cells, parts of organs, or even whole organs from one species of . Steel engraving ( × 78 mm), for the frontispiece of the revised edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, published by Colburn and Bentley, London.

Essay on Xenotransplantation: Organ Transplant and Promises Surrounding Xenotransplantation supply and demand. This imbalance has resulted in increasing waiting times and death of .

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