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Selected address formatting guidelines from the An Post website as ofwith additions for mailing from outside Ireland to Irish addresses: For a few cities Dublin and Cork there may be a one or two digit zone number. Some people might write the zone number after the street name, but that could be more confusing.

Write address in english

Street names may be unique, or, in a convention which may seem confusing to foreigners, the same name can be write address in english for several streets in the same area, with each street having a unique number.

Other streets, mainly -gil, may be named after the street name it diverges from with a systematic number. There are three different types of numbering rules: The purpose of numbering streets is to make street names easier to predict position of it so address users find their destination streets or buildings easily on the maps or the streets.

First, by basic numbering, which is used in most of Gyeonggi Province, a number is assigned to -gil diverging from -daero or -ro based on the basic number of the position diverging from -daero or -ro.

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Since the basic number increases by 2 every 20 meters, the basic number multiplied by 10 meters comes to the distance from the start point of the street to the current position. Since 10 is even number, the street towards right side of Nongol-ro.

Second, by serial numbering, which is used in Seoul, a serial number is assigned to -gil diverging from -daero or -ro, based on -daero or -ro number order.

write address in english

Since 4 is even number, the street towards right side of Daehak-ro. Note that basic numbered street names do not have beon after their numbers, which indicates serial number. Third, by other numbering, a serial number is assigned to -ro or -gil reflecting local characteristics.

Streets diverging from -gil are named after -gil with the diverging -gil with the additional number in Korean alphabet: This secondary diverging numbering is applied to all of the numbering rules.

Building number[ edit ] Building number is based on basic number, a virtual number that increases by 2 every 20 meters along a street with odd numbers on the left side and even numbers on the right side, as in most European countries. The building number is assigned to the basic number of a position of the main gate adjacent to the street.

Hyphenated building numbers indicate that the house or building is on a street or alley that is too small or too short to receive a name of its own. Instead all buildings on this street or alley or network of small alleys share the same building number, followed by a hyphen, followed by a unique number afterwards.

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For example, if a network of small alleys branched off from basic number 12, then the buildings in that network of alleys would have addresses such as,etc. Hyphenated building numbers also are used, in the case of several buildings in one basic interval see 11, and Sample postal address[ edit ] An address written using this street address is similar to the previous system when it is written in Korean in that the largest entity is written first, and the recipient is written last.

The district gu is generally included before the street name, and the neighborhood, city block, and building number within the city block are not included.Fore secure delivery, we recommend you to write address and name of recipient in language used in the destination country.

May 07,  · Address format Hi, I want to know how to write address in english exactly. i read some book and websites but it seems that addresses in foreign countries is a little different(at least in addresses i saw).

is this type of address . How to Write an Email in English: 18 Important Tips and 3 Sample Emails.

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General Tips for Writing Emails in English 1. Be sure an email is necessary. So just check those email addresses twice to be safe. Tips for Writing Emails in English with a Strong Structure.

The issue in your case arises because in English-speaking countries we don't usually begin street names with a number! If the street name itself is a number, like 3rd Street or 5th Avenue, we usually write it as an ordinal, like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

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