Indoor golf simulator business plan

Our head to head leaderboard and user tracking software is a proprietary offering unique to the Fore Seasons Golf Center. It is similar to online gaming where customers register a username and profile which tracks their statistics, past performance, and allows them to enter online matches with players from other simulator units other locations once our franchising is launched in year 3 Tournaments and weekly leaderboards displaying the weeks best i. This online persona, which is created by your own achievements, as opposed to fictitious ones present in the online gaming world, will motivate the customers to keep coming back to work on their virtual golf resume. Key Activities The key activities that will take place during regular operations of the Full Swing Golf Center will include:

Indoor golf simulator business plan

Here we will look at different revenue models and which will work best for your clientele, location and services. Charge by the Hour The seemingly easy method for making money is to charge by the hour. This strategy is generally more effective in establishments with a variety of activity.

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Sports bars and family centers are the most logical setups for this type of billing as the environment is more casual, and patrons have the opportunity to experience many different types of entertainment.

The drawback is that it is hard to determine how many holes can be played in an hour. In a pure golf center it can be frustrating for players to pay more when their time runs out or if they finish a round in less time they have paid for.

Many times you will discover it takes longer for clients to play a full round than you think.

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This can be an issue when you are scheduling tee times and making appointments. Charge by the Round Another method is charging by the round. You can have set charges for playing 9 or 18 holes even 3 holes works as an option per golfer depending. Many people are used to this way of paying as it is essentially the same method used at traditional courses.

This strategy does require a more attentive staff as well as an onsite "Course Marshal" who regulates play and keeps an eye on slow players. While it does require a little more management, upscale indoor club patrons appreciate this structure as it allows them to get in a full round of golf.

Committed golfers who want to focus on recording a score and getting better, gravitate towards this pay schedule. Combine Both Methods In most indoor golf centers owners combine both methods, especially when there are multiple simulators.

One or two simulators can be dedicated to full rounds and charges are based per number of holes and rounds. Other simulators are dedicated to hourly play to accommodate customers that want to work on driving, chipping or just play for entertainment.

This allows flexibility for both your business and your clientele. If you employ this hybrid approach you can also test out what works for your golfers.

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Tournaments One of the greatest opportunities comes from Cloud Competition. Your clients can participate in world-wide tournaments on some of the best known courses for an entrance fee.

Not only can you offer large events, you have the opportunity to join or sponsor local or regional tournaments with your sponsors. The possibilities are endless with the cloud. Memberships Once your business is up and running you can begin offering memberships to patrons and regular users.

For a monthly or yearly fee they can have access to the simulators more often or you can set aside certain times of day for membership players only. Since these are your best customers you will be able to encourage them to bring their golfing friends and grow a separate part of your business.May 22,  · Virtual Golf is a Viable Small Business Idea For Entrepreneurs For those who are looking for a great small business idea that requires relatively little capital to start, opening an indoor golf simulator business is a great way to go.

The answer: only on a golf simulator. Offer tournaments, leagues, online play and hold competitions all within your facility. Reach out to other business in your area for advertisement revenue on the simulators.

An indoor golf facility offers a great deal of advantages traditional golf courses can’t, you are limited only by your creativity.

New and established businesses are now taking advantage of this incredible business model to add new revenue streams and become the forerunners of this new segment of the golf industry. One of the fastest growing markets is rooted in the world of cutting edge golf simulators.

X-Golf Franchises are an exciting new concept offering a multi-tiered proven business plan. We cater to serious golfers during the day/early evening with lessons, memberships, camps, club fitting, and more. Plan, Focus, Succeed. These are just a few methods to create revenue from your indoor golf center and while they work for a large number of businesses, you will need to take the time to research your market carefully.

Creating a smart business plan you will build a strong following of repeat clients.

indoor golf simulator business plan

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