Holographics and virtual reality

What is a hologram? A hologram is a physical structure that diffracts light into an image.

Holographics and virtual reality

Holographics and virtual reality

Jonathan Lethem On a road trip, two characters set out from a post-apocalypse Wyoming town and encounter a succession of alternate realities, including one shrouded in opaque green fog, another luck-based political system, and it is suggested that these divergent alternate realities emerged to obstruct an alien invasion of Earth.

Homage to Philip K. God and His Computer Simulation CJ Choi A coming of age story introducing God as a teenage programmer, who creates Earth within a pre-made Universe simulation and unsuccessfully attempts to guide its progress from genesis and beyond.

Jonathan Lethem Several strands relating to virtual reality games and virtual objects, but then events in the "real world" lead the reader to conclude that the "real world" is a simulated reality which is accreting errors and anomalies.


Vernor Vinge The characters come to doubt their own reality. This story was reprinted in several anthology collections, won the Hugo Award for Best Novella and was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novella. Dick A man goes to visit the town in which he spent his early childhood, only to find that he does not recognize anything or anyone.

Even basic things such as street names are different. Eventually he discovers that the town and all of the people in it are being subjected to an illusion created by the fight between two cosmic beings.

William Gibson The first sequel of Gibson's Neuromancerthe novel continues themes around cyberspace and introduces a computerized device called an Aleph which contains an advanced version of cyberspace that appears as a simulated reality to those that "jack" into it, as well as to digital entities that reside within it.

Robert Charles Wilson By the end of the story it is revealed that whatever happens in the story is really beyond the End of Time and that the Universe, the Earth and all of the consciousness that ever existed are really being preserved in a computer-like simulation known as the Archive.

The novel is set on a version of s Earth within a "bottle universe," invaded by powerful beings from the greater universe beyond.

It is suggested that these beings are fleeing their own invaders and that their universe is merely a bottle within a yet greater cosmos.

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Greg Egan A novel set in CE in which humanity has divided into distinct groups, one of which are the citizens. The citizens are intelligences that exist as disembodied computer software running entirely within simulated reality-based communities.

A team of specialists undergoes a sort of computer-monitored group hypnosis to create an alternate England, hoping to improve their dystopian world, but their utopia is endangered by one member with foul emotions and megalomaniacal ideas.

Ben Bova Dueling as a means of settling disputes has been revived by the invention of the dueling machine, which allows two adversaries to have at each other in the imaginary world of their choosing, with no danger to either other than humiliation and the loss of the point in dispute—until the Kerak Worlds found a way to kill with the machine.

Dick A man awakes from a vehicular crash, and is transferred to a special treatment facility after being informed that he is a biological robot. He finds that his subjective reality is controlled by a punch tape reel in his chest panel, which he begins to manipulate in an effort to control the world that he experiences.

Tanith Lee A woman who is so ugly that she is an outcast on her colony planet of genetically engineered perfection agrees to put herself in a container from which she will have full control of and the illusion of independence in the cloned body of a beautiful, wealthy, and intelligent woman.In the media there has been a lot of talk these last four years about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Both thus far have required people put screens directly in front of their eyes with large headsets held on by big straps.

Holographics and virtual reality

Jan 19,  · 3d Holographics, Augmented Reality And The New World Great concept video showing a new way to utilize mobile computing, augmented reality and . While virtual reality immerses the user in a digital world, augmented reality is intended to overlay visuals and data onto the real one -- allowing users for instance to look up details on objects and buildings in their field of view, or a mechanic to scan repair instructions.

Virtual reality gaming is a player can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game. This is an essential part of the game.

This is an essential part of the game. It’s no surprise that Apple has purchased a company like Akonia Holographics as the company has long professed an interest in AR over rival virtual reality (VR) technology. The first time I ever heard of Duel Masters was when Toonami showed the first 4 episodes pasted together and called it a Duel Masters "Movie." It got me interested right away and I .

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