Examining printer usage essay

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Examining printer usage essay

Just like any other limited resource, printers need to be effectively managed and controlled. Without effective management, printers can become difficult to administer and expensive to run and maintain.

Printer costs are often underestimated by organizations and include printer hardware, paper, toner and maintenance.

For this reason it is important to manage your printer resources effectively and minimize printing costs. This article outlines a number of tips to help you better manage your printers and their impact on your budget.

Reduce waste One of the biggest recurring costs in operating a computer network is the cost of printer paper and toner.

The key reducing printing costs is to reduce the use of these resources through effective management of printing resources and encouraging users to use them responsibly.

It also helps our environment by saving trees! Allocate print quotas By implementing print quotas on your network your users will use the printing resources efficiently. Users learn quickly if they cannot print once they have used their entire print quota.

Your users become more thoughtful about printing and are encouraged to only print what they really need. Schools or universities often implement a print quota system to minimise printing costs.

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In some environments it is appropriate to implement a user pays printing system. This can involve users paying up-front for their printing, or just being able to top up their quotas when they run out of credit.

One software solution recommended for implementing a print quota or charging system is PaperCut. You can read more about PaperCut here. Encourage use of cheap printers High-end high-volume printers are much cheaper to run than small desktop printers.

Examining printer usage essay

For this reason you should encourage your users to use printers that are the cheapest for you to run. You can do this when using a print charging system by assigning low costs to these printers, and higher costs to your more expensive to run printers.

Your users will learn to use the high-end printers and you will see the reduction in costs.

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Reduce printer hardware costs When your printers become too busy you may need to purchase or upgrade printers to meet the demand. This ends up costing more in both hardware costs and network administration time.

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By reducing the amount of printing on your network, printers become less over-loaded, the print queues will be shorter, and users will not need to wait as long for print jobs to print.

This will lessen the need to purchase new printers or upgrade existing printers. You may even find that you can even reduce the number of printers on your network.

Monitor printer usage In some environments, it may not appropriate to limit user printing through quotas.About the College of Law. Mission Statement: Preparing 21st century lawyers and leaders to serve the public, government, and business — both locally and globally — while focusing on justice, ethics, professionalism, and service in a diverse, vibrant, and respectful community.

A printer is an output device that produces text and graphics on a physical medium such as paper. Laser Printers. A laser printer is a high-speed, high-quality nonimpact printer. A laser printer is a common type of computer printer that rapidly produces high quality text and graphics on plain paper.

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A) Printer B) Monitor C) Keyboard D) Modem. The answer is C.

Examining printer usage essay

All Computers Must Have: A) Word processing software B) An operating system C) A printer attached D) A virus checking program. The answer is B. Binary. The number system that only uses two digits, 0 .

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