Essay on health is wealth for school

Health is Wealth English Essay on "Health is Wealth" We always hear about health is wealth but never try to think what is health. Health is not the state of being fatly, fleshy, weighty or plump. It is the state of bin physically and mentally well and having the ability to work and labour to the utmost.

Essay on health is wealth for school

These underline a vital fact of life. Without good health nothing is of much use. If any sensible person is asked what he would prefer, health or wealth.

Without good health and physical fitness life would become a burden and a tasteless thing. Those who are sick, ill or weak in health are found dejected, nervous, hopeless and without any zest for life and its activities. He who has health and a fit body has hope, inspiration and so everything in fife.

It is a sure key to success. Without physical fitness and good health nothing good or substantial can be achieved. Only the healthy citizens, and men and women make a healthy and happy nation.

Only healthy people can work hopefully, steadily, constantly and at people can work hopefully, steadily, constantly and at their best, to achieve better and better results.

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Again, it is only a healthy man or woman who can desire and strive for perfection. Weak men can never make good citizens, leaders, businessmen, soldiers or a brave people. Healthy minds reside in healthy bodies. Men and women indifferent to their health cannot either be intelligent or make good artists, poets, public servants and useful members of the society.

Most of the great and successful men and women owe their success to their outdoor physical activities, playing habits and exercise in their youth. Their athletic habits, cultivated in their youth, always stood them in good stead later in life.

Consequently, they always possessed sound health and mind, leading them to the crowning glory. Their mental vigor, exuberance of thoughts, vivacity and enthusiasm for work came from their robust health, and physical fitness, which they obtained through regular exercise, game and sports, long walks, swimming, horse-riding, yogic postures and such other activities.

The way to health, happiness and success lies through physical work, exercise and animal robustness. Therefore, look to your health, if you have it; praise your luck and stars.

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If you do not have it, then ponder we over your life-style and try to develop athletic habits. Go to your garden, grasp a spade and engage yourself in digging or wood-cutting. Run a mile early in the morning, play some game like football, volley ball or badminton, and you will soon regain your health and energy.

Essay on health is wealth for school

And these in their turn will fill your life with a new hope and meaningfulness. Every man and woman should undertake some physical work or exercise regularly.

Health is Wealth - Your Home Teacher

It is the sound body that brings sound mind with it. The toughness acquired in the school playground was turned to good account in the battlefield.

It is such physical activities as wrestling, boating, cricketing, sporting, and playing games and exercise which promote national health and strength.‘Health is Wealth’ is a famous saying that refers to the importance of health to us and reveals that health is wealth.

Essay on health is wealth for school

If we are not healthy (do not feel in the state of physical, mental and social well being), wealth means nothing to us. So, our health is a real wealth; we should always try to be healthy.

The "wealth" one derives from good health is actually a life free from circumstances that afflicts us in some way and hence, affects our happiness and comfort.

There are many people in this world who are extremely wealthy but due to poor health, they are unable to enjoy their material coins. Health is wealth” and Health is better than wealth” are well-known and oft repeated sayings.

These underline a vital fact of life.

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Without good health nothing is of much use. If any sensible person is asked what he would prefer, health or wealth. He would immediately answer ‘health’.

Short Essay on Health is Wealth Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On January 22, By Vikash Pathak It’s meaning: We all know the popular saying “Health is Wealth”. About 46 school essays health is wealth percent of scholarships for college freshmen no essay public spending on elementary and secondary school essays health is wealth schools is derived from.

software crises essay Health Is Better Than Wealth. com, we are sure you enjoy all the great. Health Is Wealth Essay For School Children What can be more valuable in our lives than our own healthA well-known proverb: “Health is Wealth!”- perfectly describes the significance of health.

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