Computer fraud essays

The War on Terror is a Fraud "In the mid-'80s, if you remember He [Osama bin Laden] came to thank me for my efforts to bring the Americans, our friends, to help us against the atheists. First, the United States began a troop surge in Afghanistan designed to deliver the final blow to the Taliban insurgency. Not one media institution connected the dots that the United States was actively funding the harm that its armed forces were simultaneously fighting.

Computer fraud essays

You turn it on and then start up, you start calling people with your modem, connecting to another world, with people just like you at a button press away. This is all fine but what happens when you start getting into other peoples computer files.

Then it becomes a crime, but what is a computer crime really, obviously it involves the use of a computer but what are these crimes.

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To begin I will start with Hacking, what is hacking. They use programs called scanners which randomly dials numbers any generating tones or carriers are recorded. Of course this is still against the law.

But where did all of this start, MIT is where hacking started the people there would learn and explore computer systems all around the world. This could be true, as hackers know what they are doing is wrong and they know odds are they will be caught.

But as I mentioned some hackers are just above average criminals, using there skills to break in banks and other places where they can get money, or where they can destroy information. What a hacker does at a bank is take a few cents or even a few fractions Computer fraud essays a cents from many different accounts this may seem like nothing but when all compiled can be alot.

As for people destroying information, this is for taking some one down, destruction of data could end a business which for some is very attractive.

It can cost a company thousands of dollars to restore the damage done. This is a Phreak, but what is that. The action of using mischievous and mostly illegal ways in order to not pay for some sort of telecommunications bill, order, transfer, or other service.

It often involves usage of highly illegal boxes and machines in order to defeat the security that is set up to avoid this sort of happening.

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A person who uses the above methods of destruction and chaos in order to make a better life for all. A true phreaker will not go against his fellows or narc on people who have ragged on him or do anything termed to be dishonourable to phreaks.

A certain code or dialup useful in the action of being a phreak. A Phreak like the hacker likes to explore and experiment, however his choice of exploring is not other computer but the phone system as a whole. Phreaks explore the phone system finding many different ways to do things, most often make free calls.

A phreak has two basic ways of making free calls, he can call up codes or PBXs on his phone and then enter a code and make his call or he can use Electronic Toll Fraud Devices. Codes are rather easy to get the phreak will scan for them, but unlike a hacker will only save the tone s number instead of the carrier s.

Then he will attempt to hack the code to use it, these codes range from numbers 0 — 9 and can be any length, although most are not more than Electronic Toll Fraud Devices are known as Boxes in the underground. Most are the size of a pack of smokes, or than can be smaller or bigger. I will not go too deep.

They are electronic devices than do various things, such as make outgoing calls free, make incoming calls free, simulate coins dropping in a phone, etc. Software Piracy is the most common computer crime, it is the illegal coping of software.

This is a problem and nothing can really be done about it.

Computer fraud essays

Few arrests are made in this area of computer crime. However there are many more that do accept pirated software, pornographic pictures, animationsand texts. This is where a majority of Hackers and Phreaks come, as well as those who continue to pirate software come to meet and share stories.

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In this is a new world, where you can do anything, there are groups that get, crack, and courier software all over the world some of them are called: All of these activities are illegal but nothing can be done, the people running these boards know what they are doing.

All have different boards and offer a variety of information on virtually any subject. Well from all of this reading you just did you should have a fairly good idea of what computer crime is. With the new technology today it is easier to catch these criminals then it was before.

All of which were very looked up to for knowledge in their areas of specialty. If I had more time I could go into these arrests but I must finish by saying that these are real crimes and the sentences are getting harsher, with alot of the older people getting out the newer people are getting arrested and being made examples of.Free nepal papers, essays, and research papers.

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Computer Crime This type of crime is the illegal exploitation of computer technologies, usually involving the Internet, to support crimes such as fraud, identity theft, sharing of information, and embezzlement.

Exactly what is illegal varies greatly from state to state. Fraud Examination Executive Summary: Miniscribe By Samantha Altieri, Zac Biesiada, Dan Cohen, and Tim Foley BACC Miniscribe was a computer disk drive manufacturing company that was founded in by Terry Johnson.

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