Business continuity failure case study

Part of those initiatives included an upgrade to WAN services and implementing a disaster recovery plan. In addition, all of its mission critical servers are mirrored at a disaster recovery site, including a site-failover WARP, to achieve a total site failure solution. They effectively established data-line failover at both offices by setting up a single WARP at each location.

Business continuity failure case study

Records may also include information related to requests leading to a change of policy or procedure and documentation pertaining to the software systems used within institutions to manage the administration of access to information and privacy requests.

Records may include information related to office accommodation, construction and modification of workstations, photocopy services, printing services, parking, telephone services, mail and messenger services, translation and locksmith services.

Pride refers to self-respect, to satisfaction derived from achievements, or to qualities or skills that do one credit. Recognition covers a range of formal and informal practices in the workplace that collectively express and reinforce values and the way that people work together.

Submissions, selection criteria, approved nominations, ceremony arrangements, Selection Committee records, photographs, sound recordings, call letters, and institution-specific policies, procedures and guidelines. Includes records related to the establishment, organization, functions, activities and management of boards, committees, and councils including Governor in Council appointments which are exclusive to a particular institution and which have been established to provide oversight, guidance and recommendations to the institution.

Terms of reference, agendas, minutes of meetings, notices, proceedings, recommendations documents, briefing and discussion papers, curricula vitae, travel claims, policy documents, photographs, videos, communications materials released in all formats including institutional web sitesspeeches, audit and evaluation documentation, copies of Annual Reports, Orders-in-Council, correspondence, backgrounders, reports, etc.

Business Continuity Planning complements emergency preparedness which is mandated by legislation, government or institutional policy e. The types of incidences for which the Plan may be initiated may vary from a minor incident, such as a building-specific power outage or an equipment or system failure, to one of provincial or national proportions.

The Business Continuity Plan outlines and coordinates the efforts of institutional staff and the implementation of advance arrangements and procedures to ensure that the institution can continue or restart critical business operations within a reasonable timeframe.

Includes records related to the factors, elements, and other criteria used to establish the relative value of work for an occupational group.

Classification provides a means of grouping similar types of work together so that it can be ranked by levels of difficulty and differentiated from other, dissimilar work. It also provides a basis for employee compensation in the institution.

PRN Communications Description: The Communications function includes, but is not limited to, the following activities: Records may include information related to media relations, media monitoring and analysis, strategic communications advice and planning, public opinion research and analysis, institutional publications, the development, design, management and maintenance of internal and external websites, and the development and maintenance of internal and external mailing and distribution lists.

May also include records related to outreach activities, the development of new strategic networks and partnerships, hosting and sharing information with international delegations, and attending regional, national, and international for a, roundtables, symposia and conferences.

Minutes, agendas and records of decisions of multilateral and bilateral meetings, proceedings of symposia, roundtables and conferences, copies of bilateral and liaison agreements, drafts and final case studies reports, memoranda of cooperation, records of consultation activities, and international activity reports.

Includes records related to requests received by government institutions from investigative bodies listed in Schedule 2 of the Privacy Regulations for personal information, collected for the purpose of authorized programs and activities of the government institutions, to be disclosed pursuant to paragraph 8 2 e of the Privacy Act and the responses thereof.

Business continuity failure case study

Records of requests and responses are kept by the government institution receiving the request pursuant to sections 8 4 Privacy Act and 7 Privacy Regulations. Requests for information, responses and related correspondence, reports, policy interpretation, legal opinions, disclosure review and response procedures, copies of internal directives, etc.

Includes records related to the programs and activities that ensure equitable representation and distribution in the workplace of Aboriginal people, members of visible minority groups, persons with disabilities and women. May include records related to workforce analysis, barriers identification, employment equity initiatives, monitoring activities, duty to accommodate, flexible work arrangements, self-identification, adaptive technologies, advertising campaigns and recruitment programs.

Questions and Answers, Question Period QP Notes, correspondence, briefings and briefing notes, speaking engagement invitations, and Senior Executive Committee meeting minutes, agendas and records of decision.

Includes records related to the receipt, control, and expenditure of public funds within the institution including establishing, operating, and maintaining accounting systems, financial oversight, control and planning, budget submissions and budget reporting, obtaining grants, managing funds in the form of allocations from the Consolidated Revenue Fund managing revenue from trading and investments, financial risk credit, liquidity, market, operational and legal risks management.

May include records relating to accounts payable expendituresaccounts receivable revenuesbanking, budgeting, cash accounting, cost recoveries, goods and services tax, duties and tariffs, petty cash, grants, contributions and transfer payments, taxes, resource allocations, liability and revenue control, allotments and transfers, allowances, and accounting standards and methods.

May also include documentation related to institutional automated financial management systems and, where applicable, liaison with other federal government financial agencies for distribution of contract payments, for example. PRN Hospitality Description: Includes records related to hospitality.


Hospitality is the provision of a reception, meal or entertainment to guests of federal institutions, including social events or ceremonies in accordance with established policies and guidelines. Records may include information about the nature, scope, location, costs and type of function, including any event requiring special authority and approval by the appropriate delegated officials.

Lists of attendees, locations, dates, and expenses, event protocols, hospitality policies and guidelines, financial signing authorities, and, where applicable, documents related to the mandatory on-line publication of hospitality expenses.

Includes records related to the assessment of current human resources, the identification of future human resource requirements, and the development of plans to meet those requirements. Records may include information related to human resource planning and utilization, staff requisitions, pre-retirement, succession planning and knowledge transfer, vacancy and turnover rates, internal staff mobility, priority placements, workforce adjustment, demographic analysis and forecasting, labour market surveying and analysis, environmental scanning, needs analysis, skills and competencies requirements, and planning and performance monitoring activities.

Environmental scans and gap analyses, employee surveys, labour market studies and reports, drafts and final versions of institutional multi-year human resource plans, human resources audits, discussion papers, Human Resources Planning Committee records, research studies and reports, special thematic studies, demographic data, statistical reports, and copies of relevant legislation, regulations and policies.Jul 06,  · The causes of a major data centre failure – in detail This report, detailing the root causes of a “failed failover” demonstrate just how important the nitty gritty of the physical data centre infrastructure can be in ensuring a smooth failover.

Business Continuity Case Study: Lessons learned from a data centre failure. Business. Introduction (V). As promised in “NotesOn: Risk Management – Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Essentials” this is the next post in the series to address DR and BC.

Its purpose is to define the key terminology used in the business of “DR and BC” so we are all on the same page. Executive Summary. Why do companies routinely succumb to the lure of rebranding?

The answer, say A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin, the authors of “Customer Loyalty Is Overrated,” is rooted in. The CIO's role is evolving into one that is more business focused, and it's a new generation of tech tools that enables that shift.

As we enter , now’s a good time to look back on the disaster recovery statistics.

Business continuity failure case study

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a good year for many businesses. Global ransomware attacks, like WannaCry and NotPetya, showed just how vulnerable companies are, especially when it comes to their data. Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics Frameworks for establishing, Page 1 Frameworks for establishing and evaluating internal controls.

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