A plot summary of the alan moore and davis lloyds graphic comic novel v for vendetta

V for Vendetta sets the Gunpowder Plot as V's historical inspiration, contributing to his choice of timing, language, and appearance. In both stories, the hero escapes an unjust and traumatic imprisonment and spends decades preparing to take vengeance on his oppressors under a new persona.

A plot summary of the alan moore and davis lloyds graphic comic novel v for vendetta

The graphic novel The authors Alan Moore has written the graphic novel between and David Lloyd has illustrated it.

V for Vendetta is a manual for rebellion against injustice | Books | The Guardian

He who tried to blow up the Parliament with King James I and the Protestant aristocracy in it on the 5th of November in This is known as the Gunpowder Plot. V is loosely based on Guy Fawkes, and his plot to destroy the parliament building is similar.

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This summary contains spoilers!!! Europe After the Reign On 5 November in London in a post-apocalyptic future historyEvey Hammond, is wrongfully detained by a group of men who reveal themselves to be secret police.

The officers, called Fingermen, prepare to rape and murder Evey, when suddenly a mysterious cloaked figure wearing a Guy Fawkes mask rescues her and dispatches the Fingermen. The masked man, introducing himself as "V", heads to a rooftop with Evey and remotely detonates a bomb and fireworks at the Houses of Parliament; together, V and Evey watch the explosions.

V then takes Evey to his secret underground lair, called "The Shadow Gallery", which is filled with cultural items banned by England's new government, ranging from books to music to film posters.

Evey tells V her life story, which provides some background information regarding the current state of England, preceded by a global nuclear war in the late s that triggered widespread socio-economic catastrophe.

These fascists scapegoated various "undesirable" groups—homosexuals, foreign immigrants, non-white people, and left-wing advocates—ultimately exterminating them in so-called "resettlement camps".

A plot summary of the alan moore and davis lloyds graphic comic novel v for vendetta

Evey's own father was arrested because he once belonged to a socialist student group, and she never saw him again while her mother had died some time earlier of some wide-spread disease.

Eric Finch, an experienced detective and head of "the Nose"—the government's regular police force—is put in charge of investigating V's terrorist activities.

Finch reports to "the Head" or executive branch of the Norsefire government, embodied by a single man named Adam Susan: Finch also frequently communicates with: Finch's case thickens when V next confronts three government-connected figures to punish them for past atrocities: Lewis Prothero, the propaganda broadcaster who serves as the "Voice of Fate"; Bishop Anthony Lilliman, a paedophile priest who represents the government in the clergy; and Dr.

Delia Surridge, an apolitical doctor who once had a romantic relationship with Finch. V drives Prothero insane, forces Lilliman's suicide, and lastly prepares to murder Dr.

As V is killing Surridge, Finch suddenly discovers that all three of V's recent victims worked at a resettlement camp near Larkhill. Finch suspects that V is waging a vendetta against people associated with this particular camp, and so he alerts Derek Almond to V's probable motives, guessing correctly but too late that Surridge is V's next victim.

A plot summary of the alan moore and davis lloyds graphic comic novel v for vendetta

Almond surprises V at Surridge's home; however, Almond—who that same night, in a drunken rage, was abusively playing gun-related tricks on his wife, Rosemary—has forgotten to reload his gun, so V kills him and escapes. Finch begins to read Dr. Surridge's diary, discovered later at her home that night, which reveals the victims' histories with V at the Larkhill camp: V was an inmate and involuntary victim of a medical experiment run by Surridge.

Eventually, V began tending a garden under camp commander Prothero's approval, using chemicals related to Surridge's experiments in order to design homemade mustard gas and napalm, which he later used to destroy and escape the camp. V has since been eliminating the camp's former officers to prevent the government from discovering his true identity.

Finch tells Susan, the Leader, that while V made sure Surridge's diary was easy to find, V also ripped out some pages and may have even fabricated the diary as a red herring.

Susan suspects that this "vendetta" is actually just a cover for V, who, he worries, may be plotting an even bigger terrorist attack. This Vicious Cabaret Four months later, V breaks into Jordan Tower, the home of the Mouth, to broadcast a speech that calls on the people to resist the government.

He escapes by forcing the Mouth's Roger Dascombe into one of his own Fawkes costumes; the police then gun Dascombe down, thinking he is V. Investigating, Finch is introduced to Peter Creedy, a petty crook who has replaced Almond as head of the Finger. Creedy makes a crude remark about Finch's past relations with Surridge, provoking Finch to strike him and consequently get sent on a forced vacation.

Creedy next begins organising a secret militia, which even comprises street criminals, in order to eventually overthrow Susan and replace him as the Leader. Meanwhile, Evey, who was developing a strong attachment to V, though challenging his violent methods, has since been abandoned by V on a street, without V's providing her any information for finding him again.

She has now been taken in by an older man named Gordon, a lesser criminal with whom she becomes romantically involved, and they cross paths unknowingly with Rosemary "Rose" Almond, the widow of the recently killed Derek.

Although the Almonds' marriage was in shambles anyway, Rose is now financially devastated and, after she reluctantly began a relationship with Dascombe who is also now dead, she is finally forced to work as a burlesque dancer, increasingly beginning to hate the government, which has failed to support her as the spouse of a top government officer.

When a Scottish gangster, Alistair "Ally" Harper, murders Gordon, Evey attempts to retaliate during a meeting between Ally and Creedy, the latter of whom is buying the support of Ally's thugs.

Evey is arrested before she can shoot Ally, but is mistakenly accused of trying to murder Creedy. In her cell, between multiple bouts of interrogation and torture, Evey finds an old letter from an inmate named Valerie, a film actress who was imprisoned and executed for being a lesbian.blog post editing site ustop letter writer sites for schoolremedial math essay ghostwriters site – write my papers.

write my top curriculum vitae online and a plot summary of the alan moore and davis lloyds graphic comic novel v for vendetta, how do you manage projects. V for Vendetta – V for Vendetta is a British graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, published by DC Comics.

Later versions were published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics, the fascist Norsefire party has exterminated its opponents in . Уважаемые покупатели, с повысились цены на водонагреватели Ariston.

Спешите, у вас есть возможность приобрести водонагреватель по старой цене! The film's story was adapted from Alan Moore and David Lloyd's graphic novel V for Vendetta; this was originally published between and in the British comic anthology Warrior, and then reprinted and completed by DC.

Alan Moore is an English writer most famous for his influential work in comics, including the acclaimed graphic novels Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell. He has also written a novel, Voice of the Fire, and performs "workings" (one-off performance art/spoken word pieces) with The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of /5.

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