A comparison of charles dickens great expectations and james hoggs the private memoirs and confessio

This page presents a summary of the plot and characters of Great Expectations, a novel by Charles Dickens.

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Why has Le Pere Goriot attained this distinction? Partly, I think, because, in Eugene de Rastignac, it has such a strong central character, who really does undergo a major change in the course of the narrative.

The main action takes place in Innocent young law student from the provinces Eugene de Rastignac he is 22 when the novel opens has come to Paris and stays at the boarding house run by Madame Vauquer.

He observes, at first with a quizzical eye, and gradually with a more jaundiced one, the lives of his fellow boarders. One strand of plot involves him with the stately Madame Couture, widow of a republican official, and her ward, the virtuous, beauteous, consumptive Victorine Taillefer, who has been disinherited by her cruel father.

Impressionable Eugene de Rastignac falls in love with Victorine. But Eugene virtuously refuses this suggestion, believing that an opportunist marriage to an heiress would make him an immoral fortune-hunter.

In the midst of all this, Vautrin gives Eugene much pungent and worldly advice about twelve straight pages of it — before Vautrin himself is revealed to be Jacques Collin, a master criminal wanted by the police.

Eugene and by implication Balzac see the Vicomtesse de Beauseant as the epitome of decorum, and also as a slightly tragic figure. When she is jilted by the man she hoped to marry, there is a sad scene where fashionable people come to gloat at her grief at a ball she throws.

To me, the viscountess seems simply somebody who plays the same society games as other affluent people in the novel, except with a little more discretion and taste.

Taciturn and secretive, he is a source of mystery to other boarders, especially as he is sometimes seen to be visited by two beauteous and well-dressed women of fashion.

A comparison of charles dickens great expectations and james hoggs the private memoirs and confessio

One is Anastasie de Restaud, wife of the Comte de Restaud. For old Jean-Joachim Goriot sacrifices everything for his daughters, with an obsessive, monomaniacal love, while his daughters regard him with scorn and simply make greater and greater demands upon him. Both daughters have taken lovers, with whom each has had a stormy relationship.

Great Expectations Summary

One daughter is jealous of the slightly higher social station of the other, and their attitude towards each other is as catty as their attitude towards their father is contemptuous.

But he is eventually disillusioned in her.

Great Expectations - Wikipedia Plot summary[ edit ] On Christmas Eve, around[11] Pip, an orphan who is about seven years old, encounters an escaped convict in the village churchyard, while visiting the graves of his parents and siblings.
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With the motif of two thankless daughters taking everything from their father, it is inevitable that Le Pere Goriot has sometimes been compared with King Lear, even if there is no redemptive Cordelia to offset the Goneril and Regan. The comparison can lead to the fruitful reflection that, like Lear, Old Goriot has given his love in the hope of getting something in return.

Goriot may be mistreated by his daughters, but his original conception of parental love was a flawed one. Rastignac, remarks Balzac about thirty pages before the end of the novel [which is not divided into chapters]: Obedience, Struggle and Revolt; or in other words, the Family, the World and Vautrin; and the necessity of choosing one of them dismayed him.

Obedience was boring, Revolt impossible and Struggle hazardous.


His thoughts carried him back to his home and his family. Ostensibly it shows the disastrous effects of the shattering of the most sacred bonds of the family Goriot and his daughters; Victorine Taillefer and her father.

The image of the virtuous, stabilising family has been reduced to a mere sentimental dream.

A comparison of charles dickens great expectations and james hoggs the private memoirs and confessio

But he will not preach against it. He will beat it at its own game. The whole action takes place in the space of three or four months, and by having Rastignac come in to witness the story of Goriot and his two daughters after most of their fraught relationship has already been played out, Balzac is in a way adopting the technique of classical tragedy in arranging his story around its crisis.

The seediness of the boarding house is conveyed vividly, with the cheating of the servants; as is its bustling nature with the high-spirited nonsense and gossip and punnery of the younger boarders in contrast with the fixed eccentricities and quiet fastidiousness of the older boarders.

Of course there is a degree of melodrama. This is Balzac, after all.Historians distinguish early, middle and late Victorian England, corresponding to periods of growing pains, of confidence in the s, and of loss of consensus after , a date which offers a convenient division: Charles Dickens () and Oscar Wilde () belonged to different ages.

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