01 04 swbs chart and reflection

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01 04 swbs chart and reflection

Students will incorporate connotative and denotative word meanings into their writing products. If computers are available, optional practice on using connotation and denotation may be found at http: Graphic organizers view literacy strategy descriptions are available at http: In teaching students writing craft, the teacher should first show them how accomplished writers use a particular skill, and then encourage students to emulate those writers.

The writing craft mini-lesson that can be used for any grade level should occur as follows: Does it make the writing clear, interesting, or pleasant sounding?

Why do you think the author uses this skill? How do you like it as a reader? Can you construct something like this? When students have practiced a new writing craft Target Skill several times, they should use it in a new writing draft. In planning a whole-process piece, the teacher will choose one new or two review genre target skills, one new or two review organization or composing target skills, and one new or two review conventions skills as Target Skills for the whole process piece.

These skills then become part of the scoring rubric. The teacher will provide students with a sentence or a group of sentences in need of editing to give students consistent practice correcting grammatical errors.

Target skills should be identified e. Students may also discuss the common errors in student writing samples.

01 04 swbs chart and reflection

Students continue to correct their papers, using proofreading symbols and recording the types of errors they have made on a proofreading chart. Through the writing process, students should use peer editing to work with mechanics. Grammar instruction mini-lessons with examples may be found in the district adopted textbook.

Fun lessons for grammar instruction may be found at http: A Reading Genres handout is available at http: The teacher should have examples these may be obtained from the library or Internet to show class.

During the instructional period, the teacher may need to present mini-lessons available in the district-adopted anthology on these strategies.

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As a review, the teacher will present a mini-lesson on the elements of fiction. Content frames should be co-constructed with students, so as to maximize participation in the word learning process.

The teacher should have a simple content frame on the wall that will serve as an example for explaining how it is constructed and used. After analyzing a demonstration content frame, students will be much better prepared to create and study from one with actual disciplinary content.

Once complete the content frame is an excellent study aid. Students will review with the teacher the difference between subjective writing personal feelings expressed and objective writing strictly the factsnoting that autobiography and biography are subjective writing.

Using teacher-selected short autobiographical and biographical excerpts from the library, student anthology, or http: Students will recognize that everyone has a story to tell. Students should recognize that the study of biographies is really a study of character development.

Students should understand that although biographies are about real people and based on facts, the biographer combines elements of fiction such as lively dialogue, opinion, characterization, and fictional detail to add color and interest. Students will be made aware that some modern biographies are authorized, approved, and permitted in advance by the subject, and others are unauthorized, not approved, and frequently challenged or discredited by the subject.

Using the district-adopted anthology or other teacher resources, students will read and respond to biographical excerpts and selections. The teacher will instruct through minilessons on the elements of literary nonfiction e.Log in using OpenID.

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01 04 swbs chart and reflection

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